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CWP Cabinetry – Holds 3 Day Training Event In Roanoke, VA

Thank you to all the dealers, designers and guest speakers for their participation in our three-day training event in Roanoke, VA this week.  We value your partnership.

Kitchen and bath dealers and industry experts participate in a 3 day training event in Roanoke VA

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JMC Home Improvements Bamboo Kitchen Made By CWP Cabinetry

JMC Home Improvement Specialist designed and installed this CWP Cabinetry frameless bamboo kitchen in NJ.  The homeowners were ecstatic about the results.  In addition to the kitchen, JMC designed a complimentary bamboo bar area.

JMC Home Improvement Specialist NJ Bamboo Kitchen Built By CWP Cabinetry S

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Ithaca Ace Hardware Two Tone CWP Cabinetry Display

Ithaca Ace Hardware has this wonderful CWP Cabinetry display in the front of their showroom.  This two tone kitchens perimeter features full overlay cabinetry in our Cloud finish, plenty of under-cabinet lighting & a farm sink.  The island is finished in CWP’s Roasted Red Pepper paint color and features rub-through to add a vintage look.  The island also features turned legs positioned at an angle.  The doors on the island are inset to complete the high end look.

Ithaca Ace Hardware NY Display CWP Cabinetry Roanoke VA Small

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CWP Cabinetry 2017 Kitchen & Bath Show Booth Recap

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A funny thing happened to me on the way to the KBIS 2017 (the annual Kitchen & Bath Industry Show)…

I got the flu. Needless to say, I never made it. But fortunately, my kitchen displays made the trip without me and had an impact at the show!

Last summer, Tom Moodie, CWP’s CEO, gave me a challenge.  His request gave me flashbacks to my kids (now 20-somethings) watching Nickelodeon in the ‘90s.  But Tom’s message was important: CWP can build anything you can imagine.  #asuniqueasyou  So after laboring over a design concept, I sought inspiration from my textile background. I designed the shapes to be more organized and on- trend—Chevrons and Stripes. Then I had to make the design functional, thus the wet bar!

I was given a sample of this great glossy material for doors, Parapan. And after a timely color trend forecast seminar (thanks Sherwin Williams!), my display was complete. Well, at least inside my head! All I had left to do was put it down on paper (with all the specs necessary for the factory to know what to do).

I’m always thankful to the team at the plant for making my designs come to life.

Euro by CWP Cabinetry Parapan Bar Display at KBIS 2017


I completed the look
with my new go-to sinks, “Silgranit”
by Blanco, gold hardware from Top Knobs style “cobblestone,” and a champagne bronze “Trinsic” faucet from Delta.  The navy blue “Hadley” countertop from Cambria and the natural walnut lining brought the look together.

Tom wanted to drive home the message, if you design it CWP can build it!  So- he and his team designed and built the “Z” Display. What a feat of engineering, don’t you think?

Euro by CWP Cabinetry Modern Z Kitchen Small with Logo


I am so excited about the rave reviews! So much energy went into thinking outside the box!!!

I designed one more display for the show. It’s a twist on white inset I call, ”Modern Country.” I was inspired by the trend in black windows, mixed with white and grays modern patterns and finishings. My favorite!

CWP Cabinetry Modern Country Kitchen Display KBIS 2017

Caption: Love the silgranit “Ikon” farm sink from Blanco, the Delta “Essa” matte black faucet, backsplash tile “Frames” and “Swanbridge” counters from Cambria.

I am honored to be part the creative energy and craftsmanship that went into making KBIS a success. My head is already spinning with ideas for next year! Have you seen the new “Level Doors” with matte finishes? My creative juices are flowing…



Ellen Lopez








Ellen Lopez

EL Design Studio




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Apple Wood Kitchens in NJ designed this beautiful shaker inspired kitchen

Apple Wood Kitchens NJ White Inset Kitchen with Black Inset Island Cabinetry Manufactured By CWP Cabinetry in Roanoke VA


Apple Wood Kitchens in NJ designed this beautiful shaker inspired kitchen.  The kitchen features white inset cabinetry on the perimeter and a black inset island that provides visual impact.  Cabinets were manufactured by CWP Cabinetry in Roanoke, VA.

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Euro by CWP Cabinetry Modern Z Display from this year’s KBIS

Euro by CWP Cabinetry Modern Z Display from this year’s KBIS.  This display showed that if you can dream it, CWP Cabinetry can build it.  This display featured a Z Shaped Island, Angled Utility Cabinet, Angled Wall Cabinets, Angled Accent Shelves and Angled Drawer Heads.  This display was a real show stopper.


Euro by CWP Cabinetry Modern Z Kitchen Small with Logo

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CWP Cabinetry Main Display – Kitchen and Bath Show 2017

CWP Cabinetry – Our main display at the 2017 Kitchen and Bath Show.  This kitchen featured a Walnut Island built as one piece.  It also featured a custom designed and built hood.  Inset cabinetry finished in our Nature Series Color Winter Wheat.  Display received great feedback and showed off our custom capabilities.

CWP Cabinetry Main Display KBIS 2017 Features Walnut Island Custom Hood Walnut Drawers and Accessories 2

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CWP Cabinetry – Modern Country Kitchen Display at KBIS 2017

CWP Cabinetry – Modern Country Kitchen Display at KBIS 2017.  Features black sliding mullion doors on both white and granite colors.

CWP Cabinetry Modern Country Kitchen Display KBIS 2017

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Setting the Tempo In Your Kitchen Design



I believe that a good kitchen layout is rooted in rhythm. Granted, I do think about kitchen layouts more often than the average person. The cabinets’ set the tempo, the foundation for the layout’s rhythm. All of the design elements fit together into the larger song of the kitchen.  Cabinets are really just boxes, but the variation of the boxes can change the kitchen’s rhythm. For example, a modern kitchen is linear and angular with intersecting components, which creates a different rhythm than a farmhouse style which has more detail, texture and variation throughout. In short: The style dictates rhythm.




But before I start to sound too crazy, let me introduce myself. My name is Ellen Lopez, I am a Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) located on Long Island, NY. After overseeing the design and installation of hundreds of kitchens across Long Island, I opened my own boutique-style studio, EL Design Studio, in 2014. Over these past three years, I’ve used CWP cabinets to design countless kitchens. As our partnership has evolved, I have taken on the role of style adviser for CWP. To that end, I am the new caretaker of the style aspect of the CWP blog. I hope to share with you my advice, what inspires me and the unique designs I create for my customers. I also want to share how I make CWP work for my designs and my business.

New clients always want a magazine-worthy kitchen that’s as close to free as possible and at least one miracle. After I remind them that the quartz countertops won’t add another five feet to the kitchen, we get down to work. While I can’t actually wave my magic wand, I use the home’s potential to find space where I can. Once the space planning is complete and I feel like I have a good sense of my client’s style, the composition begins. I take a small note from the client and I make it a melody. I want the kitchen to look even better than they had imagined.  Hopefully, if all goes well, a few months later the kitchen is as close to magazine-worthy as their budget will allow (if not magazine, definitely Instagram-worthy).


So why is CWP my favorite dance partner? There are so many reasons, but I’ve boiled them down to the top three I’ve listed below:


Top three reasons I love CWP cabinets:

  1. The Real Thing On Long Island, NY no one wants furniture board construction. That’s the nicer way of saying particle board—the cheap stuff. Everyone wants plywood. So as a small-business kitchen designer working primarily on Long Island, CWP quickly became my go-to cabinet company. When you open a CWP cabinet door, you see real wood.


  1. Flexibility As I’ve evolved as a kitchen designer over the past 12 years, I’ve been able to take on more challenging projects. Kitchen design is a very technical business because every fraction of an inch matters. I need cabinet options to be flexible to fit the design statement. CWP never adds an upcharge for modifying a standard cabinet size to achieve the perfect fit. More importantly, CWP offers framed and frameless construction of the cabinet boxes. And when I want to create something unique for my client, CWP will use my drawings to make the custom cabinet I need.


  1. Partners It’s very easy to make a strong connection with CWP’s customer service. They work with you like a partner. They have the same end goal as you do: getting a well-designed quality product to the customer. CWP isn’t just taking your order—they are as invested in the project as you are.


So whatever music you prefer, I hope you’re ready to dance with me and CWP.


Ellen Lopez








Ellen Lopez

EL Design Studio




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Contemporary Kitchen – Razzano Kitchen & Bath NY Using Euro By CWP Cabinetry Line




Razzano Kitchen and Bath in upstate New York designed and installed this incredible contemporary kitchen using our Euro by CWP Cabinetry line.  This high gloss charcoal grey kitchen features two islands with appliances and utility cabinets installed flush with the wall.