Hinges and Drawer Runners

Hinge Specifications

Regular Overlay Concealed Hinge:

CWP Regular Overlay hinge info

This hinge is fully concealed when looking at the cabinet and is 6-way adjustable self closing.  Standard edge profiles will be the same as for full overlay.

Full Overlay Concealed Hinge:

CWP Full Overlay  hinge info

This hinge is fully concealed when looking at the cabinet.  The hinge is self closing and is the standard for full overlay frame 6 way adjustable cabinetry.

 Inset Hinge:

CWP Inset hinge info

The barrel on this hinge is visible vertically along the seem between the door and the frame.  The hinge is adjustable in four directions and comes with a magnetic catch, mounted in the cabinet to keep the door closed.  Inset hinges are available in the following finishes; Polished Brass, Antique Brass, Dark Antique Brass, Wrought Iron, and Nickel.

Concealed Inset Hinge:

CWP Inset concealed hinge info

This is a fully concealed self closing hinge with a nickel finish.  It includes 6 way adjustment and snap on/off feature for easy removal and re-attachment.

Tru Lock Hinge / Knife Hinge:

CWP Tru Lock Knife Hinge info

Only a small part of this hinge is visible when the door is closed.  The door has a notch machined into it to accept the hinge.  The hinge has a spring mechanism for self closing.  White knife hinges are used with white painted finishes, and Antique Brass is used for all others.

Ambassador Full Access Hinge:

Ambassador hinge info

This fully concealed European Hinge is self closing and fully 6 way adjustable.  It also includes a unique snap-off feature to allow for easy removal and re-attachment of the door during installation.

 Soft Close Full Extension Under Mount Drawer Slides:


Standard drawer slides are the Blum “Blumotion” Tandem Full Extension under mount slide.  The drawer slides are under-mounted to the drawer box and fully concealed, no part of the slide is visible.  The slide features a ball bearing movement and an automatic “soft close” feature to ensure smooth and positive operation.  The drawer slide features easy release handles to remove the drawer box from the slides.  The drawer capacity is 100 pounds.