Why CWP Cabinetry

Unparalleled Selection

  • 141 Door Styles
  • 10 Wood Species
  • 74 Standard No Upcharge Finishes
  • 6 glaze colors available in 3 glaze techniques
  • 5 Distressing Techniques to choose from
  • Paint and Stain Custom Color Matches
  • Multiple Drawer Heads available for most every door style

 Unparalleled Construction

  • 13 ½” deep wall cabinets
    • Let’s you store larger items
    • Most manufacturers have 12″ deep wall cabinets
  • Flush Finished Locking Miter End Panels on all exposed ends
    • Providing a high end custom look
  • Solid plywood top on all base cabinets (CWP – Dust Cover)
    • This feature adds to the strength of the cabinet, while ensuring that it is built square.
  • All Wood Construction comes standard
  • Floor support beams on all base and tall cabinets wider than 24″
    • This feature insures the strength and durability of base and tall cabinet.  You will not have to worry about a floor that bows.

  Unparalleled Detail

  • The bottom of every wall cabinet is finished to match rest of cabinet
    • Most manufacturers skip this step.  Unfinished cabinet bottoms can be unsightly when sitting in your kitchen.
  • Flush Finished Locking Miter End Panels on all exposed ends
    • This is the ultimate in flush end panel processes.  It gives you a clean look with no unsightly gaps in seams. .
  • All exposed parts receive glaze when a glaze is specified
    • This step insures that your entire kitchen has the same look.  Many companies only glaze, doors, drawer heads and moldings.
  • Wood Veneer Edge banding
    • We stain our edge banding to match.  Many other manufacturers use plastic edge banding on their cabinets, resulting in a mismatched look in your kitchen.
  • We provide matching stained toe kick with every order.
    •  Most manufacturers have significant upcharges for this option.

 Unparalleled Value

  • All the above features come standard well below that price of other national custom cabinet manufacturers
  • Lifetime warranty